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ive recently been trying to get a lucky egg in my gen4 games as in:

but mostly soulsilver and platinum
in platinum I can never get mr backlot to say that there are chanseys
and I can never get a swarm of chansey or in a route where they are in soulsilver
any suggestions?

I was just about to ask this question myself.

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All I can say is to continue your search and eventually one will show up. Although if you ever plan on getting either Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, I'd wait until then considering you wont be able to trade it over. Also, you get one for free!

Best of luck on your search!

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i know in pokemon black and white cause i have them
Also consider using a Pokemon with Frisk so you don't catch a load of Chanseys that haven't got a Lucky Egg.
I have 5 Lucky eggs in Black. 1 form Prof. Juniper and the rest from the treasure hunter on i think route 13.
thanks, i got the swarm today and i took a stantler out of my pc boxand got lucky the first pokemon i found was a chansey and it was holding a lucky egg