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Since he doesn't learn ice punch I decoded to teach him avalanche. Is it good for him?


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With Weavile's speed and bulk, no.

Power doubles if user took damage first.

My suggestion is,
Metal Claw
Night Slash
Ice Shard
Aerial Ace (TM 40, Route 213)

Metal Claw kills rock types, Aerial Ace kills fighting types, Ice Shard is STAB priority, Night Slash is main STAB attack.

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It needs ice punch, not ice shard. Priority sucks in game. Too bad it can't learn it.
Well it can learn Ice Punch as an egg move. If you're willing to go through all that work :P otherwise, Avalanche and Ice SHard are the only moves it can learn, and avalanche is not a good idea imo
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Avalanche is not a good move for Weavile. The power doubles if the user took damage first, and Weavile is a fast Pokemon. You can teach Ice Punch to Weavile by Egg Move, or, if you have some other game with a move tutor in it, you trade Weavile to that game, teach it Ice Punch, and trade it back. Note: You can only do that if you have HeartGold, SoulSilver, or Platinum as well.
A really good move set would be
-Ice Punch (STAB+high power+Weavile's good attack)
-Night Slash(STAB+high power+Weavile's good attack+high critical-hit ratio)
-Some good physical fighting type move (Hopefully high power+Weavile's good attack+ advantage/defense against Normal,Ice,Dark,Rock,and Steel types)
-Aerial Ace(Defense against Fighting-types+Weavile's good attack+no-miss move)