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I found a krokorok with an amazing 540HP. The thing looks real, but I have never heard of a Pokemon with hp that high, especially krokorok. It seems like a mistake but the card looks legit, has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Is it valuable?

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It's Probably a fake.

I searched on google for 10 min and I cant find anything about it. The first thing google shows is your question. Have you got that card? If so where did you get it?

Ps. I will add more when you answer those questions.


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I have been examining those cards for almost three years, and I have almost half a thousand. The TCG company doesnt make cards with over 200 hp. You can search all their cards with over 150 or so hp and the most is 200. So it's fake. I had a Shiftry I thought was legit, but then I found a secret that will help. Hold it up to a bright light. If you can see through it, its fake. Hope this helps!

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It is a complete fake
I once bought a BW box set from a flea market (terrible mistake) and not only were there no Unova Pokemon (like shown on the box) but they had terribly high HP (I have a Flaaffy in my possession with 700 HP and a snorlax with an entirely different description with something to do with a snake tail) and I accidentally left a card there for a while in my window and it came out blue. If you find one with more than 200 HP (with no energy cards in the pack) throw it away because you wont get a refund (there was a shiny foil wartortle in there but it was fake too) and try to get your cards from a legitimate store like your local toy store.

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