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I am trying to catch a wild Throh on my black version but I can't seem to find one. Is there any way to make Throh more likely to appear?

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In Black, Throh only appears in rustling grass on routes 10, 15, 18, and Pinwheel Forest. The same goes for Sawk in White.

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He wants to know where they are found...
Thank you :)
No problem ;)
Actually, Throh is only found in White and White 2… Sawk is found in Black and Black 2…
No. I've caught a Throh on my own Black version in rustling grass, so I know this is true.
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Please use the site to look up things like this. Since you did not specify what game, i'll just link you to the locations. [CLICK]

EDIT: You can't make Throh more likely to appear I am hoping they'd add that in X and Y

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I actually did use the pokedex to look up were to find Throh in Black,and I looked like crazy in routes 15,18 and 10 but I couldn't find one. That's why I asked this question. I didn't know to look in the rustling grass. But I thank both of you very much