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Yes, I gaved it the rose incense and it did work! Thank You!

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To get Budew you must breed either a Roserade or Roselia while holding a rose incense.

So take Roselia or Roserade, give them a Rose Incense and breed them with a ditto to breed a Budew.

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As Mr.K said

But there one more way to breed a budew. It's simple
Put a Male Roseilia/Roserade in the Day-care with a Female Roselia/Roserade That holds the item Rose Incense


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Budew is a baby Pokemon, so it can't breed, if that's what you mean.
But, if you want to hatch a budew, attach a rose incense to roserade or roserade (female), and put it in the day care with ditto or any other Pokemon of the opposite gender in the approperiate egg group.
The same goes with azumarill (sea incense), chingling (pure incense), bonsly (rock insense), mantyke (wave incense), wyanut (lax incense), mime jr. (odd incense), happiny (luck incense), and munchlax (full incense)
Pokemon that don't need an incense are pichu, cleffa, igglybuff, tyrogue, smoochum, elekid, and magby.
If you don't have a ditto, you should catch one because it will help A TON with breeding.

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