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Seriously and what does OP mean because someone once said the bibarell is going to be declared OP,

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OU is a tier which stands for Overused
-This is a list of Pokemon that are OU is Pokemon showdown:

Ubers is also a tier which is where all of the Pokemon that are considered too good for OU. It is almost full of only legendaries like ho-oh, lugia, mewtwo, etc. but there are also a few non legendaries like excadrill and blaziken. For a list of ubers Pokemon on Pokemon showdown look here:

Here is the tier list for different communities as Pokemon showdown isnt the only one:
-Pokemon online:

OP means overpowered, like too powerful and broken and cheap. But your friend is definitely wrong because biberal is not overpowered, unless if hes talking about moody biberal which is.

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Just to clarify as the answer doesn't make it so clear. The tiers are made by communities. By this I mean Smogon are not the only community with tiers seen as you almost made them sound as if they were the official tiers.
sorry i didnt mean to make it sound that way.  Ill edit in more examples.
Bibarel IS OP. :P
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Ou and Über are tiers used by competitive battlers that organize Pokemon by their competitive value based of their usage and whether they are op (overpowered).There are typically six main tiers for single battling:

Über: the Pokemon banned to this tier are the best of the best. They are so powerful tgat they were banned from standard play. A lot of legendaries are found in this tier, but also some non legendary Pokemon, such as blaziken and excadrill, can be found here.
It should be noted that all Pokemon may be used in this tier

Ou (overused): this is the next highest tier, and typically the one most competive battlers use. It contains many powerful Pokemon, both legendary and not, such as lucario, haxorus, and latios. No Pokemon from the uber tier are allowed in ou battles.

BL: this isn't a tier but a ban list. No Pokemon from here are allowed in Uu and below.

Uu (underused): this is the "middle" tier, containing mostly above average Pokemon, such as scrafty and bronzong. No Pokemon from ou bl or ubers are allowed in uu battles

BL2: another ban list, containing Pokemon deemed to powerful for ru.

Ru (rarely used): this is the "average" tier. No Pokemon from uu BL BL2 ou or ubers allowed.

NU (never used): this contains the "below average" Pokemon. No Pokemon from the above tiers are allowed

LC (little cup): this is a standalone tier. It is for unevolved Pokemon only. Some, like Scyther, gligar are banned.

This should help you out. It's an introduction to smogon tiers, the most commonly used tiers, the ones I mention above. Hope this helped.

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OU and Über are tiers for competitive battling, almost like age groups at a school sports event. The more powerful a Pokemon, the higher the tier it is in. The tiers are Ubers, OU, UU, RU, and NU. OP is an abbreviation for Over Powered.

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Ok, so those terms are the names of two different tiers.
Tiers are an attempt by players to classify Pokémon in a given generation by their utility in competitive battles. They can be found in any game with variable characters, including Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. The classification of Pokémon into tiers can be challenging, as a Pokémon's stats or moves are not the only factor which can impact a match. Combinations of Pokémon, along with player skill and overall strategy, may affect the outcome.

There are many different tier systems.
This is an example of the most used tier system:

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