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I have a buneary and I have been trying to evolve it by making it happy, some people say to gove them hair cuts but it makes them friendly ( not sure is friendlyness is happieness ) so could you please help.


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There are multiple ways to increase a Pokemons happiness, or friendship. The two are one and the same. for bw2 these include
-having the Pokemon hold a soothe bell
-walking with the Pokemon in you party
-getting it a massage from the woman in castelia city
-using vitamins, such as iron, protein and carbos, on the Pokemon
-leveling up the Pokemon

There are also things that lower a Pokemons happiness, including
-use of herbs purchased from the market in drift veil city

If you do and don't do the things mentioned above vinegary should eventually become happy and evolve into lopunny upon leveling up.
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There are many ways to keep a Pokemon happy

  1. Keeping it first in your party.
  2. Giving it vitamins.
  3. Giving it a massage in Pallet Town, Goldenrod City, Veilstone City, Castelia City or Ribbon Syndicate.
  4. Gaining a Level.
  5. Join Avenue Items.
  6. By not Feeding it bitter food like revival herb etc.
  7. By not Letting it faint in battle.
  8. Giving it Certain Berries like
    Pomeg Berry raises happiness but lowers Hp Ev's
    Kelpsy berry raises happiness but lowers Attack Ev's
    Qualot Berry raises happiness but lowers Defense Ev's
    Hondew Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Attack Ev's
    Grepa Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Defense Ev's
    Tomato Berry raises happiness but lowers Speed Ev's
  9. Giving it a soothe bell.
  10. Give it poffins.
  11. Walk with it first in your party for a longer period of time.
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