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I'm merely curious... what's a good reason to have Sludge Bomb on a Houndoom? I have some reasons that it could be inferior to, say, Flamethrower or Fire Blast.

  • Poison-type moves are only super-effective on Grass-type Pokemon, in which Fire-type moves not only do the same, they are effective against more types and are boosted by STAB.
  • It's ineffective on Pokemon like Ferrothorn or Scizor, whereas Fire-type moves not only hit the two examples, they do 6 times as much damage due to their huge weakness to Fire and STAB.
  • It's lower in power to moves like Flamethrower.
  • The only difference in side-effects are the chance of poisoning the target, where regular poison is practically the same as a burn, only without the reduction in Attack.
  • It can't hit Shedinja. 'Nuff said. Heck, even Dark-type STAB attacks would work as well.
  • It isn't boosted by Flash Fire, assuming the Houndoom has it.

However I see some good reasons to use it, but there aren't many.

  • It can hit Pokemon with Flash Fire/Thick Fat/Heatproof/etc. or Pokemon like Ludicolo for more damage.
  • It's more effective against Pokemon like Reshiram or Kingdra.

Any more good/bad reasons for a Houndoom to know Sludge Bomb? Like I said, I'm only curious.


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If you wanna g through people with flame body use dark pulse, for the stab. IMO sludge bomb isn't worth it. Go with something else