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Just wondering because it is so tiring leveling them up........................


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I think I can give some tangible reasons here besides "I don't know".

  1. It gives you a reward for all the time spent training your Pokemon.
  2. It gives you motivation to level up your Pokemon, something to look forward to.
  3. If you were to start learning Karate would you be a Black Belt in 2 weeks? Heck no. Same goes for Pokemon. They can't just learn their best move right off the bat, they have to train and gain more experience before they can wield such power.
  4. They are Legendary Pokemon, which kind of sets them aside from other Pokemon in the sense that they are stronger, and this mystery and strength about them would make it logical that they would learn their defining move at the defining time, level 100.
  5. More in the sense of a bond between trainer and Pokemon, said legendary may deliberately hold itself back from learning it's signature move, feeling it isn't ready until in a very powerful state, that state being level 100.
  6. To make you ask questions ;P
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Why? I'm sorry to say I can't answer this. Only game freak can, but I CAN tell you what ever Pokemon can
Mewtwo, mew, the two new ones more will be added in a few min

Shaymin: seed flare
Arceus: judgement
[ik this is necroposting but it needs to be added]
Volcarona Fiery Dance
Larvesta Flare Blitz
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Blue Flare and Bolt Strike are incredibility powerful , it makes sense for them to learn such powerful moves when they are at their strongest.

Mewtwo learns Psystrike at level 100
Arceus learns Judgement at level 100
Regigigas learns Giga Impact at level 100 though it is not its signature move , same happens with Mew learning Aura Sphere at level 100

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Why dont you get tm giga impact? Saves time having to battle non-stop.