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I already have my Porygon2 holding the one that I have, so I'm wondering if you can find/obtain another one in-game. It would be nice to have another one to put on a Pokemon like Dusclops, Murkrow, Rhydon, Lairon, Magneton, or Chansey. Speaking of, could anyone also tell me good eviolite users besides the ones I have mentioned? I'm kind of curious...

Misdreavous is a good eviolit user

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You can get another eviolite only from the Pokemon dream radar from simulator y but other than that no. The only one you can get is the one from castelia city, which is probably where you got the first one.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Eviolite#Eviolite

Good eviolite users are:
- misdreavus
- munchlax
- ferroseed
- scyther
- roselia
- zwelious
- shelgon
- dragonair
- fraxure
- electabuzz
- whirlipede
- gligar
- duosion
- gabite
- golbat
- gurdurr
- klang
- lampent
- machamp
- magmar
- metang
- natu
- snover
- piloswine
- tangela
- togetic
- vigoroth
- wartortle

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GOF, SS said other than the ones he already said so thats why i purposely left out chansey
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