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around two years ago when Soul silver came out, after beating the game and everything I picked up my Action reply and used the Ghost hack to wander around the world map....

at some point I ended up walking to the left of the Safari Zone and found Temporal Tower sitting in the complete middle of nowhere, I remember the tower from playing Mystery Dungeon ( because this is where I rage quit the game, not being able to kill palkia/dialga whoever it was... )

upon entering the tower I was in a single room with a spiral broken spiral staircase. and that is far as I got...

This tower has come back to haunt me in my thoughts on rare occasions it I was hoping that I could finally put it too rest... so I found this site, created account and request for help..

has anyone here ever discovered this tower before, has it ever been involved in some unlockable event , is it just area of the game that was scrapped for deadlines ?..

I have searched everywhere I could online but I have never been able too find anything even hinting at the fact that this tower exists. Am I the only person to have ever found it ???

I will be checking this at some point tomorrow night and hope someone can give me some information.


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This tower is actually available whiteout hacks and goes under the name of the "Embedded Tower". It is the only location of Groudon(only in SS), Kyogre(only in HG) and Rayquasa in Gen 4. I assume you did not have the Red Orb required to summon Groudon, causing the tower to be empty.