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I'm looking forward in evolving my eevee in black 2


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Eevee will evolve into Espeon if it has high enough friendship with you between 4 AM and 7.59 PM

Eevee will evolve into Umbreon if it has high enough friendship with you between 8 PM and 3.59 AM

Note* these times are that of which is your DS s clock

how to get higher friendship:

  1. keep the Pokemon in your party

  2. catch the Pokemon in a luxury ball

  3. use stat-raising items such as calcium,protean, iron and zinc

4.have it hold a sooth bell while traveling

  1. Level the Pokemon up

  2. have it participate in gym battles

  3. have it participate in Pokemon musicales

  4. teach it a TM

9.use items like x-accuracy or x- attack on it

  1. feed it berry's

  2. give it sweethearts

Things that LOWER friendship:

  1. fainting

  2. giving it medicinal herbs such as energypowder and healpowder

Eevee's Max Hapiness like all Pokemon is 252
Its base Hapiness is 70

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