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I need to see the Pokemon listed below so that I can finish my unova dex.


I only have black and black 2. Is there any way that I can see these Pokemon in black 2 without using previous games?
Please help


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If you want to get these Pokemon, you will have to trade. If there is a friend that has W2, you can trade with him, or try to find these Pokemon on global tradng. You could also transfer from other games like Pearl, Platinum, Diamond, HG and SS. Since they are W2 exclusive you can't find them in B2. Sorry, and I hope this helped!

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Electabuzz: There are two trainers who have an electabuzz in B2. One is Ace Trainer Shaye who can be found in Chargestone Cave and the other is hoopster Derrick who can be found in Village Bridge

Skitty/Rufflet: Im sorry to tell you, but skittyand rufflet cannot be found anywhere in B2, but if you have no one to trade you could probably ask someone in chat to give you one to complete you pokedex.

Dusion: There are two trainers who have a dusion in B2. One is Psychic Bryce in Nimbasa City and another is Psychic Bryce in Celestial Tower

Pinsir: There are three trainers who have a pinsir in B2. One is backpacker Reece who is on route 14, another is Veteran Murphy in Lostlorn Forest, and the third is Black Belt Martell who is in Victory Road.

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