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I have been using the chat on this website but there are never many people and the people on usually never want to battle or trade. What other websites are there?


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Websites such as Serebii can also be used for trading and such. They have forums and things like that. You know sometimes poeple just dont have their Nintendo (Me) or the people who normally trade arent on.

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Wait a sec... How do you negotiate battles on these forums? Are there actual chat rooms like the one here but with more people that will trade and battle?
I'm not totally sure as I have never used those sites before. My guess is that there is a trade/battle forum where you can request something. I'm pretty sure they do have a chat page but I'm not 100% sure on that.
Ok thanks, I'll try to find something.
Be careful. Some sites say don't ask people to battle or trade. I was looking at some sites just then and a few said that.
Ok, thanks.