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Ok, I have a problem and a question.

Q: In a secret base, can you block a hole, or make it so you can walk on it without cheats?

P: I try to put down stuff in my secret base, but it isnt working, it'll always say "You cant put this here" or something, wherever I put it (Though oddly, posters work).

Please help.

First question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/40987/emerald-broken-secret-bases
I had the same probs on the second, but I don't remember how I fixed it. :/
Ty Pokeslash
Q: No, you Can't.
Did you not just look at the link?
somsbody answer! or catch another qusin!
if its saying you can't put it here you neat more space to put it on.
an Table neats 4 bloks space so you have to look where space is.
He said he could place posters fine, so it is not that his secret base is full.
Please answer somebody.......
I actually figured it out now. But I dont wanna answer my own Q.
I don't think this question is ever going to be answered...

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Isn't it just that you have to place items on tables or bricks or something? Was that what you worked out? I don't see anything wrong with answering your own question if you worked it out yourself later lol.

Also I have holes in my base that I never got around to dealing with but I'm pretty sure you can buy planks that you can cover the hole with, I think from the department store. But I've not actually tried it yet so sorry if this isn't correct, I think I read it somewhere... >.<

EDIT: Ok so according to someone else who seems to know what they're talking about, you need to defeat the elite four, and then there is a sale at the department store that you will see advertised on TV. Then you go up to the roof and buy "Solid Boards" or something like that, to cover the holes. Hope that helped :)

EDIT 2: Argh I just saw Pokeslash's link. It was hidden from view and I didn't notice, sorry I guess that wasn't helpful then lol

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Yay, somebody answered! <^-^<
You got it right. It has to be put on a mat or a table.