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i have a scizor with max attack ev's and an ability called technician.

my question is; what is the power on acrobatics if I use it on scizor with his ability technician it would be 55 power x 50% = 77 with technician and then I make him hold a flying gem so it goes from 77 x 2 = 154 + 77 because of flying gem that would make it 231 power right?

I'm not sure if this is right?


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No, with Acrobatics, the Flying Gem is consumer before the item is calculated, so Acrobatics will be doing 165 power on the first turn and 110 every turn after. Because of this Technician will not boost it unless you hold an item like Leftovers or a Life Orb, in which case Aeriql Ace will serve as better Flying type coverage, as it has 60 base power, 5 more than a acrobatics while holding an item.

*drools* The damage..
so your telling me that technician doesn't work if hes not holding an item like the flying gem? but it will if he wears life orb or leftovers? that makes no sense at all, I think your lying to me? or ur explaining it in a bad way that doesnt make sense
It will only work if Scizor is holding an item for whenever you use Acrobatics.
Yes, I am lying to you. I have no idea what I am talking about and just go around making answers up for the sheer fun of it. jk.

The Mechanics of Acrobatics meke it so that if the user is not holding an item, it's power is doubled too 110, as opposed to 55. Technician powers up moves belows 60 base power, so if Scizor is holding an item other than a Flying Gem, it will be at 55 base power, enough to get the Technician boost. HOWEVER, when the user is holding a Flying Gem, the Flying Gem boosts the power of Acrobatics before the game checks for an item, so Acrobatics effectively hits at 110 + 55 (50%), which is 165. Afterwards, it hits at it's regular 110, as th euser is no longer holding an item and then Flying Gem no longer exists to further boost it. It's complicated, but why would I lie Anyone here can vouch for me, this is legit.