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I want to use pokecheck to start checking IV's with 100% accuracy. Does this damage the Pokemon? I don't want to change their data, I just want to see their accurate IV's without having to train them up to level 100.

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What is Pokécheck?
^ My Q exactly (I've heard of it but IDK what it is)
As I recall you can use it to hack pokemon, make them shinies etc etc. which is why he wants to know if it will bust his game even if he only checks some data.
Can you actually hack them in that service?

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If you can completely upload the data from your save file (on the cartridge) to your computer so you can use that save file on Pokecheck, without saving any data TO your cartridge, then it won't mess up your data. Personally, though, I'd avoid Pokegen, because I often get PID inaccuracies when I input accurate IV/Nature data, so I don't know if Pokecheck is more accurate in those terms.

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