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I have no idea what my ingame Manectric's EVs are, and I was wondering if there would be any point in EV training it for Omega Ruby. But I need to know what its IVs and EVs are, and that's impossible to find out without a site like Pokecheck, but it's seemingly defunct now. So, if there is anything that works somewhat close to it?

Or does nothing of the sort exist?

I want to know as well!

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You don't need Pokecheck to find its IVs and and EVs

The IV Checker is in the Battle Resort
enter image description here

You can find your EVs with a Reset Bag in Super Training
See here

If you are referring to the Exact IV number

You're better off using a Calculator such as this and this

You don't need a reset bag to find your EVs
ya know, i want confirmation, not a range...btw, i haven't reached him, does he give you actual spot-on number values?

Also, this being my first Gen VI game, how do I get the Reset Bag?
There's a random chance of it dropping down when hitting the Default Bag
ugh......that is going to take me FOREVER.....oh well better get started
There actually is a chance, it's just really low
Good Luck :)
they make resetting your EVs too hard.
True dat ^
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Well this is a way you can check your Manectric's EVS without using a site, in fact it's your own game! When you go to Super Training on your PSS, you can see your Pokemon's EVs. And to check IVs, there is an Ace Trainer in the Battle Resort PokeCenter that will check them for you.

Source: Experience
Hope I helped!

I need exact values, not an estimate....does it give me that?

Besides, I would probably want to reset some of them anyway given how useless some of those EVs will be.