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There are only a few uses for Memento, but none of them are really practical.

Use 1: If you have more than one Pokemon remaining, and the opponent is down to his last Pokemon, using Memento can boon their offensive stats.

Use 2: If the opposing Pokemon traps themselves with Ingrain and doesn't know Baton Pass, Volt Switch or U-Turn, using Memento can slash their offensive stats as well.

...and that's it. Baton Pass and Mean Look don't work in Gen V and later, since the 'Looking Mean' effect does not transfer with Baton Pass from that point onwards. Overall, Memento is a bad move that should not be used.

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On a prankster Pokemon with low hp is really the oly way to use memento.

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Annoying Duo

Absol(or Any other Pokemon with Mean Look and Baton Pass)
-Mean Look
-Baton Pass


[email protected] Sash
-Destiny Bond

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No Point in Lowering Stats
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Yes there is a useful way to use Memento.

This video is pretty much one of the only uses for this move

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Yes, Memento is a really useful move, at least in competitive battling (what I play).

Memento is used when your Pokémon is at low health and/or you want to set up your teammate. Since Speed is an important factor, Latios and Scarfed Uxie (trick) are probably the best Pokémons to do so.

I have had a good history with this move, especially with Scarfed Uxie:

  1. I come in after the opposing Pokémon knocks out my Pokémon.
  2. I use a quick Memento to weaken them.
  3. I send out a Pokémon that resists the opposition's attacks.
  4. I set up.
  5. I have fun sweeping a few Pokémons.

Important thing to note:
Timing is key. Memento is very similar to Healing Wish - use it wrongly, and that Pokémon is wasted. It might go wrong at first, but after a few tries you will be experienced, and you can start sweeping.

Good luck then!