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Gen 4 is my favourite generation.Since the amazing Gen 3 remakes ive been waiting for a Gen 4 remake with Gen 6 graphics.Will it come true ?

I'm sure there will be.
yayyy ! :D
I desperately must have it
Don't forget that we got Hoenn remakes because Hoenn games are impossible to play on a 3DS, but D/P is still playable on 3DS.
People need to get off the hype train. Gen 4 remakes aren't happening any time soon :/
Oh my god, gen four is my favourite too!! :) :)

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Pokemon releasees have followed a bit of a pattern for a while now.

  • Gen 1 (1998) - 3 games
  • Gen 2 (2000) - 3 games
  • Gen 3 (2003) - 3 games + Gen 1 remake
  • Gen 4 (2007) - 3 games + Gen 2 remake
  • Gen 5 (2011) - 2 games (+2 bonus instead of the normal 1)
  • Gen 6 (2013) - 2 games + (pokemon z expeted soon) + Gen 3 Remake

Based on this timeline I'm guessing it will look something like:

  • Gen 7 (2017) - 3-5 games (I expect something crazy to happen here. 3 games on intial releaste instead of 2 + another bonus game or maybe another Gen 1 remake. Just keeping with the surprise that was Black and White 2.
  • Gen 8 (2019-20) - 3 games + Gen 4 remake

Keep in mind this is all speculation based on historical patterns that are unclear and subject to market changes. But it's not a bad guess to say Gen 4 remake is likely around 2020-21 if Pokemon is still a thing 6 years from now.

Update 7/2017

So clearly the hype and pattern have been wrong about Pokemon Z. Probably had delays in dev that justified skipping as the release would have been too close to sun and moon. Or they released red, blue, yellow digital copies instead.

However sun and moon are on the predicted schedule. So thats a good sign.

Still hopping for a 2021 gen 4 remake.

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I wasn't assuming anything. o_o
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Love the lively debate over my speculations. I would have to agree with @shiny_hunter that the third game will feature zyguard. It's consistent with all their other releases. Though it wouldn't be surprising if they threw us for a curve and called it "Pokemon W" instead. LOL.
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I'm not a fan of 'only Game Freak knows' answers, but only Game Freak knows.

Gen 4 came out on September 28, 2006, nearly 10 years ago. While this is quiet a while ago, it's actually only 2 gens and a couple games series ago. In terms of amount of Pokemon releases, there isn't that many after DPP (especially Platinum, since it came out a year later). Gen 4 is still quite fresh in people's minds. Whether or not it already deserves a remake, we're not sure. Hoeen remakes were long overdue, and FR/LG we're most made to resell their popular game on a better console with updated features rather than an actual remake, an issue that isn't prevalent for DPP.

It's still more than possible for a DPP remake, it's probably likely, but it's not something that has been majorly requested for nor is needed right now.

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Well it hasn't been confirmed, but if it keeps on going in this pattern, we might have it in Generation Seven.

  • Red, Blue, Yellow (three) (The two main games, and improved game.) (Generation One)
  • Gold, Silver, Crystal (three) (The two main games and improved game.) (Generation Two)
  • Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald (five) (The two main games, remakes of the two main Generation One games, and the improved game.) (Generation Three)
  • Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver (five) (The two main games, the improved game, and the remakes of the two main games from Generation Two.) (Generation Four)
  • Black, White, Black 2, White 2 (The two main games, and two sequels following the two main games.) (Generation Five)
    -X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire (Four, so far) (The two main games, the remakes of the two main games from Generation three.) (Generation Six)
    This is how it should be in Generation Seven. Not the exact games, but a guess of the same setup.
  • Dawn, Dusk, Noon, Temporal Diamond, Celestial Pearl (Five) (The two main games, the improved game, and the remakes of Diamond and Pearl you asked about.)
    Hope this helped!
How do you know if Dawn, Dusk and Noon will be a thing, same with Temporal Diamond or Celestial Pearl?
Actually I like the idea of temporal diamond and celestial pearl. That would be cool. I still think it will skip another generation before gen 4 remakes though.
I was trying to say its illogical to say thats what theyre called when we dont even have solid proof theyll exist. Same with dawn dusk and noon
Agreed it is illogical to speculate on names. But it's a fun to do. How about salt, pepper and cumin? (thin reference to "How I met Your Mother" TV Show).