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im looking either of these 2 if anyone has them inform me so we can trade?

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Duskull is only found by breeding Dusclops. Dusclops can be found in the Friend Safari.
Dunno where Tynamo is. Sorry. ;)

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You can find Duskull only by breeding Dusclops, which you can find in the Friend Safari.
As for Tynamo, it is unobtainable.


Duskull (get a Dusclops, then breed)

And for Tynamo, if you really want one, then you can either give me a rendez-vous on my wall on a fixed time in chat room, either buy BW / BW 2, or if you have one of them, just have a static Pokemon and this may help you searching in Chargestone Cave for both Joltik and Tynamo, which you will send to Pokemon X and / or Y via Pokemon Bank.
I hope this help !

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