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(I apologize in advance for any diffuculty you may have reading my Scrafty(s) readings.)

I'm so bored of searching for them (they're kinda rare even in Dark Grass on Route 1). Please note that none of these have been in a single battle yet, so they have no EVs. I got the data of their IVs from Pokecheck, so here's their collected data on it:

Unfortunately, this is the only Moxie Scrafty I found ~~ and it's Timid (~~ again), but its Attack is about the same as the others.

Experience 287496 (level 66)
Nature Timid
Ability Moxie

Numbers in order: Base, IV, EV, Stat, Cntst

HP- 65, 7, 0,166, 0
Attack- 90, 24, 0,125, 0
Defense- 115, 24, 0, 172, 0
Sp. Attack- 45, 0, 0, 64, 0
Sp. Defense- 115, 18, 0, 168, 0
Speed- 58, 20, 0, 103, 0

On to the next one! These ones have really Crappy attack (still higher than my Timid one by the way) and they have Shed Skin (not exactly what I want.) but on the bright side they do happen to have the perfect natures.

Experience 287496 (level 66)
Nature Careful
Ability Shed Skin

Please still remember the numbers are in the same order as above.

HP 65, 26, 0, 178, 0
Attack -90, 9, 0, 129, 0
Defense- 115, 20, 0, 170, 0
Sp. Attack- 45, 19, 0, 68, 0
Sp. Defense- 115, 2, 0, 173, 0
Speed- 58, 14, 0, 90, 0

Here's the other one:

Experience 287496 (level 66)
Nature Impish
Ability Shed Skin

HP - 65, 9, 0,167, 0
Attack- 90, 3, 0, 125, 0
Defense- 115, 15, 0, 182, 0
Sp. Attack- 45, 1, 0, 58, 0
Sp. Defense- 115, 26, 0, 173, 0
Speed- 58, 9, 0, 87, 0

So, in conclusion, which one should I keep, or shall I seek another one?

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If this belongs on BS please let me know as I did not know where it belonged. Don't Downvote.
Is this for in game, noncompetive/semicompetive battles or competive battles?
Currently ingame, but they'll be designed for fighting (I'll be using them on WiFi Matches)

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Well if this is for in game/noncompetive wifi, I think your search has ended. I would choose the second, because he has the PERFECT nature and ability for a bulk up set. Try this out with it. You should be satisfied.
Scrafty leftovers
Nature: careful
Ability: shed skin
Evs: 252 hp 4 atk 252 sp def
Bulk up
Drain punch
Rest/ice punch

This is the standard scrafty bulk up set, and it suits scrafty bulky, slow nature well. Bulk up is for setup, boosting his offensive and defensive prowess, with his stabs providing near perfect coverage. Drain punch is used over hi jump kick as it increases his overall bulk. In the last slot, rest may be used for recovery, as shed skin makes it viable, or if you desire more coverage, ice punch may be used. Hope this helped

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Wonderful. Thank you very much.