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Not pickachu or charizard


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There are many strong Pokemon on his team. If we are going by evolution (which the anime doesn't really) Krokodile, Unfezant, and Leavanny would be his strongest Pokemon.

If we go by how often they win battles, well, this is Ash we're talking about which makes them all strong.

Just some facts and theories on the Pokemon below.

His Scraggy is not as powerful as others. It's move is described as "not powerful" by Serebii.
Palpitoad is said to be quite strong with a STAB Hydro Pump.
Pignite with it's three STAB fire moves is one of his top Pokemon.
Snivy in Ash's hands seems to have power, unbecoming to it's small size.
His Boldore also is very strong managing to "Hold its own" against Clay's Excadrill.
Oshawott has in the anime won the most battles for Ash so far however.

So I think the top 5 possible strongest Pokemon on his team (excluding Pikachu and Charizard) are:

not in order

Source A
Source B

Snivy is actually a very good unova too, knowing attract and helping tepig getting things together.
Well all of his pokemon are good that's for sure. I simply listed his strongest pokemon from Unova. Snivy didn't really make the cut, although it is strong.