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I was watching the sun/moon anime and looking at Marrow Lillie and Lana, and thinking about how ash was probably going to be shipped with all 3 of them and I wondered "who else does ash get shipped with?" misty and Serena are obvious. dawn I have seen as internet memes only, but could be real, despite some kind of romance scene with another Barry (barry I think) at the end of the gen 4 seasons. so who is the anime's third most commonly shipped (with ash) character?


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Yep, there are plenty of ships. There are even pages of lists in Bulbapedia. There are even pages for specific Ships.
Here are the main anime Ash Ships:

Pokeshipping - Ash and Misty
Advanceshipping - Ash and May
Pearlshiping - Ash and Dawn
Negaishipping - Ash annd Iris
AmourShipping - Ash and Serena
PalletShipping - Ash and Gary
BlueangelShipping: Ash and Lana
AlolaShipping: Ash and Mallow
AureliaShipping: Ash and Lillie

Note: Unfortunately, there are no pages for the S/M Ships yet. I would know.
Edit: Now there are pages for the S/M ships however AlohaShipping isn't made yet

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shipping

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haha, I knew he'd be shipped with all three of them! ash and gary? ash isn't gay, as far as I can tell. he's probably antisectual (attracted to either sex) it looks like he has never had a female companion who he has not been shiped with.
i vote for Leadershipping-brock and misty.
Yeah don't expect all shippers to be straight. (No offense to gay people)
each of ash's male companions have probably been shipped with the females as well. I still ship brockXmisty