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Not sure if the mechanics have changed, but all the guides on breeding triple flawless Pokemon are from several years ago. I know some people on forums who are in college and have a job yet still manage to breed Pokemon with quadruple flawless IV's without hacking at all, that's barely feasible as far as I know. I thought 31 in two stats was the max, and the rest is pure RANDOM assuming I DON'T already have parent Pokemon with flawless IV's.

Is it possible when you have parents with non-perfect IV's, to atleast get 31 in 3 stats? For example 31/x/31/x/31/x

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That is a complicated question... I hope somebody knowledgable answers you.
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Just go to the breeding page and learn it :3

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This is a good question indeed. To get a triple flawless Pokemon you should have the following things:

  • Patience, a lot of patience
  • 30 repeat balls
  • A Pokemon with synchronize as ability
  • Magikarp

1st part:
To get the IV's that you want, you should catch 4 ditto with a beneficial nature and a desired IV(you can test this in black 2. A ace trainer will tell you the potential of your Pokemon.It is best that all de 4 ditto have a different max IV.) To make sure you catch 4 ditto with a different nature and IV potential, you should catch thirty ditto with a magikarp leading in your party. When the ditto transforms into magikarp it will have a 100% catch rate. Now switch it out and send in a Pokemon with synchronize as ability. Catch the ditto. Do this thirty times ,until all your repeat balls or finished. Now choose 4 ditto that have the beneficial nature and the good IV potential that you want on your Pokemon. Breed the first ditto with the male species of your desired Pokemon. The hatched egg will have a flawless IV. Breed the newly-hatched Pokemon with the 2nd ditto. Keep doing this until you have a MALE Pokemon with both the IV's you are passing down.This will be the father of your flawless Pokemon.

2nd part:
Breed a ditto that has the third desired IV with the father.Keep hatching eggs until you get a Pokemon with the third desired IV and also (preferably) one of the two IV stats of the father. Breed a ditto with the desired nature that is holding an everstone with the newly-hatched Pokemon.Keep hatching eggs until you get a FEMALE Pokemon with the desired nature and the third IV. It will be best that she has one of the two IV the father has. She will be the mother of your flawless Pokemon and is very essential.

3rd part(the fun part)
Now you are getting close to getting your flawless Pokemon. Give the mother an everstone and let her breed with the father. Keep doing this(this usually doesn't take long) until you have the Pokemon that you want. If everything is done correctly you will have a Pokemon with flawless IVs.

Hope this helped, and have fun breeding XD

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dont u need the power items?
The power items are for EV training
Nice answer...
And "have fun breeding XD" just made my day :P
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actually there also for IV breeding