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My Gliscor has:

Fire Fang- deals with ice types

Dig- STAB (don't have an earthquake tm)

Swords Dance- helpful

Rock-Polish- helpful

I have a problem. Which one should I keep? Swords Dance or Rock-Polish? And should I replace Fire fang with Brick Break? Should I train until He can learn Sky Attack? Or maybe Sunny day to boost Fire Fang and resist water attacks... What should I do?

Please do not suggest a different moveset, I just need help with the one I have. So don't just say (example): Brick Break, Guillotine, Earthquake and Sky attack, that is NOT what I want.


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Replace rock polish I suggest brick break and if you can get earthquake but that is just my opinion. just that you know he doesn't learn sky attack via level he only can via move tutor in hg ss.

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