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I'm building a staller gliscor here's my layout so far
Item-toxic orb
Ability-poison heal
Roost-good to heal and stall longer
Protect-works great with poison heal and stalling
Earthquake-for attack
Toxic-obvious reasons

My only real question is should I max attack and def in my evs or def and sp.def I'm really debating between them and want someone else's opinion thanks!


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There are different ways to run your Gliscor's EVs. I like this one the most.

252 HP / 184 Def / 72 SpD

There are others. You could throw in more into the Special Defense or Speed department or even take some HP EVs and distribute them to your liking. It is really just supposed to give Gliscor reasonable defensive bulk and enough to take a few Special hits, not like you'd want to leave it on those anyway.

Also, try Substitute to really stall Pokemon out, probably over Roost as Poison Heal is already a damn fine way to recover.

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