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This is the stall moveset I thought about:
double team
quick attack
is unfezant a good staller all around?


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Well, for a good staller, you need to be able to stall(obviously)You'll need decent/average offensive power, and good defense(which Unfezant does not have without some major EV training in Defense and Sp. Defense) so I think you might be better of not using unfezant as a staller. If you want some good stallers, use speed freak's ideas under "Whats a good staller..." Black Haxorus asked this.

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Not really !!
A good staller requires Good defence and special defence , and unfortunately unfezant lacks in both .
After one or two moves it might as well faint .
I recommend don't even try ev training because even after that its pretty weak at defence .
If youare looking for a good staller I recommend dusclops/dusknoir , shucle or cofagrigus .

Featherdance lpwers attack,roost is for healing,double team is to piss people off and quick attack is good stab
Double Team is banned So you can't use it anyway. Unfezant isn't worth using  as a staller anyway.
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No Unfezant has very low special defense and not very good defense. A good staller is scrafty because it has 135 bas defense and special defense. Any good staller has to have good defense (shuckle, dusknoir Etc.)