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I was just thinking to myself, Ghost types are one of the best types to use to help stall, because they are immune to most physical attacks basically, and can be very annoying.
The thing is, I'm not sure which Ghost type to use, to include in my Staller team.
Have any suggestions?


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In black and white, Dusclops+Evolution Stone, In regular, Spiritomb:)

Dusclops won't get the evolution stone bonus, only Duskull would. They have to be in their original form to get the boost.
Actually, you are quite incorrect Bone. They just have to be able to evolve yet have not evolved. This includes Stage One Pokemon.
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Try sableye or spiritomb. Both are also immune to psychic.

Sableye has pretty low defenses, so Spiritomb or Dusknoir.