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So I'm in the black tower in Black 2, leveling up my EV'd Gengar. So when I get out, I notice that he doesn't have his Focus Sash I equipped to him anymore. I saw him use it during my run in the tower, but I never took it off of him. None of the Pokemon in my party have it equipped, and none of the Pokemon in my box or at the daycare have it on. Did something happen to my game? any thoughts?

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Sorry bro, Focus Sash is a one time use item. Once it's used it is gone. You're gonna have to get another one. If you equip a Pokemon with a Focus Sash and use it in a Wifi Battle or the PWT then it will not go away, but if used otherwise it will essentially dissipate.

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Thanks so much man this helped so much. I didn't know it was a one time use.