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I can't find any items or Pokémon in any games I have with one of those abilities.

Strong jaw raises either the power or damage of biting moves. I think all biting moves are physical, so anything that raises physical attack should also make biting moves do more damage.

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There is an ability called Strong Jaw that boosts the power of biting moves by 50%. This means the base power of the move, not your attack stat when you use a biting move.

The list of biting moves are:

Thunder Fang
Fire Fang
Ice Fang
Fishious Rend
Hyper Fang
Jaw Lock (Did not know this was a move)
Psychic Fangs
Poison Fang

This ability did not exist until X and Y, and prior to ORAS was the signature ability of Tyrantrum.

There is no item that boosts biting move power, but there are plenty of items that boost Physical attack, as all of the biting moves are physical. Life Orb, Choice Band, Muscle Band, etc.


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I would just like to list all pokemon with strong jaw here, from the source above:

-- Sharpedo
-- Tyrunt
-- Tyrantrum
-- Yungoos
-- Gumshoos
-- Bruxish
-- Chewtle
-- Drednaw
-- Boltund
-- Dracovish

This list is accurate for Generation 8 only by the way. However, I can't think of any pokemon who could've had Strong Jaw from gens 6-7 and not have it in gen 8.

All credit to GmaxWaluigi. He found the bulbapedia page, not me.
Muscle Band increases the power of Physical Moves by 10%.
Super fang isn't boosted by strong jaw. Also life orb raises the damage of all biting moves.
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