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Like how sturdy functions as focus sash, what other abilities function as items?

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I'm not sure, they seem fine to me. I guess they're not complete though.
Your answer did not have all of the abilities that function in a manner similar to items.
OK and you're right I didn't have all of them, mostly because I couldn't remember or I didn't find them, which I stated in my answer.

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I'll answer this as complete as I can. It's in the format Ability -- Item.

Compoundeyes -- Wide Lens and Zoom Lens (different percentages)
Early Bird -- Chesto Berry (the berry can only be used once per battle)
Filter/Solid Rock -- various berries can reduce damage from specific types
Illuminate -- Honey
Iron Barbs/Rough Skin -- Rocky Helmet
Levitate -- Air Balloon (until the holder is attacked)
Light Metal -- Float Stone
Poison Heal -- Black Sludge (also Leftovers when not poisoned)
Run Away -- Fluffy Tail, Poke Doll, Poke Toy, Smoke Ball
Scrappy -- Ring Target (on the opposing Pokemon)
Shed Skin -- any status-healing berry (only used once)
Stall -- Full Incense and Lagging Tail (Iron Ball doesn't guarantee moving last)
Stench -- King's Rock and Razor Fang
Sturdy -- Focus Sash
Super Luck -- Razor Claw, Scope Lens, Dire Hit, Lucky Punch, Stick, Lansat Berry (in a pinch)

A few items that are similar to abilities:

If Fire moves would be super effective against you, Occa Berry is the same as Heatproof, but only one use.
Flame Orb/Toxic Orb are able to burn/poison the opponent like Poison Point or Flame Body, if Switcheroo is used.
Berries that cure status in battle are similar to abilities like Insomnia and Limber.
Some berries increase stats "in a pinch" similar to Blaze/Overgrow/Swarm/Torrent.
A few items like King's Rock do parts of what Serene Grace does.

I'll also add that there is no equivalent of Heavy Weight - neither Iron Ball or Lagging Tail actually increase a Pokemon's weight in battle.

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No wonder it took so long...
How about Natural Cure?
Natural cure heals Status effects, such as toxic, while white herb removes negative stat changes once...
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Sturdy-focus sash
Compoundeyes- like zoom lens
Heavy metal- iron ball
Iron barbs- rocky helmet
Overgrow-Miracle seed
Rough Skin-iron barbs

Hope I helped!

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That's awesome. You and I wrote down only one that was the same. Lol.
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Altaria's Natural cure and White Herb
Patrat's Run Away and Smoke Ball
Pidove's Super Luck and Scope Lens
Tynamo's Levitate and Air Balloon
Ferroseed's Iron Barbs and Rocky Helmet

These are the ones I found and remember.

There are other Pokemon with these abilities but I just put down the Pokemon as an example.
I didn't put down the evolved forms other than Altaria.

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