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How many speed EVs would I need on Excadrill to outrun say...Crobat in sand?

What is the smallest amount of EVs required to outspeed those really fast pokes. Such as Crobat.
Now this is assuming they run Speed EVs.


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An Excadrill without any Speed EVs or a Speed boosting nature would outspeed Crobat in Sand even if the Crobat runs Jolly + 252 SpD EVs Exept Scarf Crobat

Deoxys-S That Sucker

Excadrill with 31 Speed EVs outspeeds a Deoxys speed. A speed boosted nature Excadrill outspeeds it too Nope that Deoxys doesnt have a chance exept scarf Deoxys. Excadril has 2 more speed points :DDD


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vunderbar, btw SpD = Special Defense, spd or spe = speed. Now what about say Deoxys Speed, how many EVs would he need to outspeed that sucker?
Isnt SDef Special defense?
Both are used for SDef, I use SDef. Anywho, det Deoxys any chance of outspeeding?
Wonderful, thanks you Jofly. No need to invest too many EVs in speed now.
Yeah my first BA in ages!!!!