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Max Speed + Sand force
Atk- 368 (x1.3 ground, rock, steel attack in sandstorm)
Spd- 302

Max Attack + Sand rush
Spd-549(in sandstorm)

  1. In wifi battle
  2. Ingame (Battle subway)
Max Attack + Sand Rush

He will outspeed all unboosted Pokes and can always run Swords Dance for a boost.
Sand Rush.
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This is a rather simple answer. Max-Attack + Sand Rush
Here is a good set for this strategy:

Excadrill @ Air Balloon
Trait: Sand Rush
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/ 252 Spe

Swords Dance
Iron Head
Rapid Spin

After one Swords Dance, Excadrills attack reaches a mighty 810 with the Adamant nature. There is no need for a speed boosting move because in the sand, his speed is 550, enough to outspeed even an unboosted Deoxys-S!! Air Balloon is for avoiding anything that is trying to OKHO him with a ground move.
A +2 Earthquake will OHKO or heavily dent anything that does not resist it. Iron Head is for hitting anything that resists or is immune to E-quake. And with his defensive typing, his immunity to Toxic Spikes, his resistance to Stealth Rock, and his immunity to Spikes(with the air balloon), it allows him to switch-in and use Rapid Spin to clear the field!!!

I hope that this convinces you to choose Max-Attack + Sand Rush!!

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I would recommend Sand Rush for a Wi-Fi battle. Excadrill's attack is fine, the boost isn't really nessesary, and the Speed boost is pretty nice. For in-game either will work, so go with Sand Rush again to avoid having to train two Excadrills.