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I'm going to make 100lvl Flygon, so I want as great as possible!


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Adamant is the best nature since Flygon is generally a physical Pokemon (of course, if you wanted to go Special, go Modest). Jolly may also be used, although without a boosting nature, 100 base Attack is rather underwhelming compared to other Dragons that hit around 130+ base Attack.

This is why Choice Scarf/Band Flygon is very useful in competitive battling.

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Jolly is the best possible nature, as it is important that flygon not be outsped by his fellow dragon types, and the many base 100 speed Pokemon, so that he can ensure he gets the crucial first move. However, flygon's attack is a little underwhelming, but there's a moveset than can fix that.
Flygon: choice band
Ability: levitate
Nature: jolly
Evs: 4 hp 252 atk 252 spd
Outrage/dragon claw
Fire punch/Stone edge
U turn

Choice band boosts flygon's attack by fifty percent at the price of limiting him to one move.

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