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In Diamond where to I get the poketech app to find mespirit?

>This function is a map of Sinnoh saying where you are. It allows you to put placemarks at certain areas so that you can maybe know where you're going if you get lost. Also for the two Pokémon that run, Mesprit and Cresselia, they show up on this Map so you know where they are

Location: Obtained from President of Poketch Company after obtaining 3rd Badge

Poketch Company Location?

The Poketech is in the large building (not tall, but wide) in Jubilife City. There is this man standing by the counter.

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What are you talking about? I never said it was the third gym I made a type and said 'collect your sventh badge' instead of seventh seriously I'm not lying.
You stupid fool. You answered wrong and you copied my answer to get points.
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Enough of this. Mr. E, your answer was incorrect. Jofly, he never copied your answer. His answer was always incorrectly reading 7th badge instead of third badge, so how could he have copied yours?
Nevermind his answer is hidden now, but he wrote the "3rd gym" and changed it to the "7th gym" when he saw my answer.
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Edit history says it was always 7th badge: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/revisions/139066
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