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I see youtubers do it a lot, and I want to know if it is safe. Also, I met a person on this site saying rom hacks are illegal. Is this true? If so, how do all of these youtubers do them?

You cannot ask questions about unofficial pokemon games.
Oh, sorry, I did not know :(
@theshadowzangoose I wouldn't worry about it. He/She is asking if it's legal to download games and if it's safe. As for as I know, that's a question a lot of people here could answer.

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First off, I have been playing roms for over a year.

As long as the site you download it from is a special rom site, it should be safe, or if the youtubers have a link to download it in the description, I would use that too.

My favorite site is coolrom.com which contains countless Pokemon roms.

Theflamingspade is a very popular youtuber who gives safe links to download roms. The ORIGINAL download link and thread for Pokemon liquid crystal is here and is safe and risk free, so download it here if you want to play the game: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=242023

As for legal purposes, don't worry about it. Nothing bad will happen as long as you are playing and downloading it on the computer. It is only illegal if someone sells it. Because these download links are free, nintendo won't come to your house and sue you are anything like that. It is completely safe.

Please read before you start downloading

I am assuming this is your first time downloading and playing a rom. To play a rom, you have to download visual boy advance. The safe and risk free link to download it is here: http://coolrom.com/emulators/gba/14/Visual_Boy_Advance.php
Once downloaded, open it and click "load gameboy game". Select the rom you downloaded and press okay.


Source: My own experience.

Thank you very much! I would get the link from KillerNachos Liquid Crystal walkthrough, so based on what you said, that should be safe, right? Now I just have to see if my dad approves (lol)
Yes. I also gave a download link to the program you need to play the game. Tell your dad that I have been playing roms on this program and downloading them for well over a year now, and as long as he downloads them off of proper websites, there is nothing he should worry about.
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It completely depends on the site you are using. There are SOME sites which are legal, although they are generally hard to find. However, it's usually pretty safe to download things illegally- I've been doing it for years. The only hypothetical issue would be viruses or other bugs that come with pirated things. It's usually good to have an anti-virus software on your computer, that's what I do. It's up to you whether you want to take the risk. Good luck :)

Have you downloaded a ROM hack like this?