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I want to battle but I can't figure out what to do? Also, what is OU and all the Formats?


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Pokémon Showdown is a Pokémon battle simulator. Play Pokémon battles online! Play with randomly generated teams, or build your own! Fully animated!

Ok, I started play on Pokemon showdown 3 months ago. I'm very good at it now.

Pokemon Showdown Turorial
That was old version but it works almost the same now.

Pokemon Showdown!

  1. Search for Pokemon Showdown
  2. Click on "Pokemon Showdown!" then click on Play online
  3. Click on "Look for a battle" Play some Random Battles because they are very easy since you dont have to make a team.

Thats how it works


You see the Teambuilder on the right side of Pokemon showdown. You choose the Format (Tier) and the Pokemon that you can use in it will be have priority and will show up before the other Pokemon in the "Add Pokemon" list. Then you choose 6 Pokemon and give them the moves,items,EVs/IVs and natures. Click Save and battle with your team. I give you a list where you can see which Pokemon that is in every tier.

Hope I helped! :DDD And I hope you enjoy Pokemon Showdown! Maybe I could battle you sometimein the future

List of Pokemon by tier

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Darn. Now I'm the Slowfly.
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Go here: http://pokemonshowdown.com/
Then select a server. If it disconnects, try a different server.
OU stands for Overused. Each format(tier) has some Pokemon in it. Tiers are used to prevent something like a Magikarp VS and Arceus. If you're battling OU, it means that all the Pokemon in the OU tier are available for you to use in your team. You may also use Pokemon from all tiers "below" OU("weaker" than OU). The tiers are as follows:

If you battle in a tier, you may use Pokemon from a tier below it, but not above it. So, if you are playing UU, you can use Pokemon from RU and NU, but not from OU or Ubers. You generally want to make a team with Pokemon from the tier you are playing, and only a few from lower tiers.
Have fun!