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This thing doesn't have a useful physical movepool and dragon darts isn't exactly a good move with Magearna and other fairies being everywhere in the game. It's ghost physical stab is only phantom force at it isn't exactly the best move to spam. It does have a colorful special movepool but its special attack stat isn't quite ou standards for an offensive Pokemon. Really, ou has grown past the point where a hundred in any offensive stat is anything special. Status + hex sets are somewhat decent but it still lacks any kind of ghost power because again, only a hundred special attack, even with modest nature

So, how exactly do you use this thing? What support does it require? What is its role? And more importantly, what kind of team styles does it fit in?

ou has grown past the point where a hundred in any offensive stat is anything special

Me stares at nidoking
Well, it's true. Nidoking isn't even anything special but sheer force and life orb somewhat makes up for its rather low special attack

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You didn't ask this on Smogon, so I did that for you. (sumwun's line :])

dragapult is actually quite versatile and pretty splashable on most teams; it has several roles depending on the set, the most popular currently being the pivot/status user that can also revenge kill hex variant. This set appreciates other teammembers that can status opponents(so poison, burn, para), as well as a bulky backbone that dragapult can safely pivot into. A good example of this would be toxic toxapex(but really any wall with twave/toxic works, so hippo, bulky toxic chomp/lando,scald slowbro....). It can also be somewhat of a breaker with the specs set(even though with spectrier leaving that set lost a bit of its niche). All in all dragapult can be used on almost any team structure

Hope this helps!

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