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dragapult attack is bigger than its spc.attack, but why a lot of people using it?
its format is OU btw.
dragapult even have access to dragon dance, one of the best set up move.
but why a lot of people uses its spc.attack rather than its attack?
also note that I'm kinda new to OU, so sorry if I dont understand it. thanks!


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It's quite simple really, Dragapult physical attacking movepool isn't quite impressive. With its special attacking movepool, it has access to water, fire and electric coverage. It also doesn't have that good of a physical stab for ghost type. The best it can do is phantom force which is incredibly easy to play around. The lack of a goood ghost stab is what really lets the physical sets down

Also, while spa Dragapult is the more common, dd Pult is also used mostly on hyper offense teams with weakness polcciy and behind dual screens so that phantom force won't be too much of a problem

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