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I am meaning to count from the base stats. So not competetive wisely. I hope people understand it now.

That's all.

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I wanted to count from the base stats. Not competetive wisely. God, why doesn't no one understand me.
Showdown!'s /ds command won't give me a list of Pokemon whose physical attack is greater than special attack, so I guess someone has to manually look at each Pokemon and count it into one of the 3 categories.
You have to give more criteria for this to be answerable. How close do attack stats have to be for a pokemon to be a mixed attacker? What about pokemon who aren't attackers at all? What about pokemon with similar attack stats that aren't used as mixed attackers?
I think he/she/it wanted someone to compare the attack stats of each Pokemon and say whether they're greater, less, or equal.
If a pokemon has attack stats that are 5 points apart, is it not still a "mixed attacker"? What about 10, then 15? I'm asking where does it stop being a mixed attacker?

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I looked at every Pokémon’s stats, and here are the results (they don’t add up to 807 because of different forms). I counted these all manually, so it might have a few errors.

452 Pokémon have higher Attack than Special Attack.

324 Pokémon have higher Special Attack than Attack.

143 Pokémon have equal Attack and Special Attack.

The most common type of attacker is physical.

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Physical - Dragon, Ground, Fighting, Rock, Steel, Dark, Flying

Special - Fairy, Normal, Psychic, Electric, Ice, Water, Bug, Fire, Grass

Mixed - Mixed attackers are pretty rare, so I couldn't find any typing that has a tendancy to be mixed.

Please keep in mind that this is pretty general, and just based off of my own observations, and looking closely at the OU Viability Rankings. I couldn't find any other way to get this information, sadly.

It's a weird thing that Normal types are Special attackers. Weren't Fire types mixed? :/
Wdym Fire Types were mostly mixed? Can you give examples? The only one I can think of is Infernape, but he isn't even mixed most of the time. I'd say Fighting would be more mixed than Fire, but I didn't put Fighting on the list because most Fighting Types are physical, not mixed.

There's no type that is usually mixed.

"Usually" being more than 50% of the time.
I thought you counted it as something like Fire types are half of the time Physical and half of the time Special.
+ I said, not for in competetive use, I wanted to count everything from the base stats.
Arcanine is mixed, and Entei is kindof mixed.
Mixed attackers are pokemon that can effectively use both Attack and Special Attack. While stats do have a huge factor in whether or not a pokemon is mixed, there are other important things to consider, too. Like how wide a variety of moves they have on both attacking stats.
Aren’t there more physical-attacking normal types than special-attacking ones?
@Twineedle Doesn't the question tell you to ignore competitive battling?