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So I have a Crobat in Sun who's Attack stat 40 points higher then his Sp. Atk is it worth teaching him a 90 power Special type move or keep a 50 power Physical type move? and this can also be asked about Ryhorn and other Pokemon that can have high differences in Physical and Special Attack, is it worth keeping the physical moves of power 50-70 or having them learn the higher power special type moves?

What is its attack stat?
Which moves are you talking about?
and Celestial*Hurricane my Bats (that is his nickname) know poison fang should get rid of that for sludge bomb

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This might involve a bit of math, so brace yourself.
damage=(2/5)*(attacker's level)+2)*(base power)*(attack stat)*(defense stat)/50
I'm going to assume that the targets' defense stats and special defense stats average to the same amount, and there are no other modifiers. In other words, the only things that matter are the base power and the corresponding attack stat.
what we care about=(base power)*(attack stat)
So use the move that makes this product greater.
For example, imagine that a Pokemon has 120 physical attack and 80 special attack, and you can choose between a power 90 special move or a power 50 physical move. 120*50=6000, and 80*90=7200. In this case, the special move would be better.

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This is not a product, this ...is ...Pokémon.
To sat at lest my Crobat in sun is only lvl 40ish, so what if there was an 70 points or higher not just 40 points between their attack and Special attack stats, like say for Rhyperior would you want to teach him/her Flamethower, Ice Beam, and/or thunderbolt or would be better to have a female Rhyperior and just try and get Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and/or Thunder Fang on a Rhyhorn thought egg moves
I told you this already, but the differences between attack stats don't matter. Another thing, I'm not a calculator. My job is to tell you what to put into your calculator. The calculations should be easy enough for you to do them yourself. In the case of Rhyperior, you get much better coverage from earthquake, stone edge, and megahorn, so don't even bother with other attacks. Rhyperior itself is pretty bad; it's outclassed by Garchomp.