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I need a wall for competitive battling, and I want something that can actually attack.


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Okay first off, you're not looking for a wall. Walls are something like Chansey or Gliscor, who have great defenses and can't to squat for damage. As for bulky attackers, any of these will work fine (I'm assuming you're playing OU):

Physical (Attack + Defence)

image image image image image

Special (Sp. Attack + Sp. Defence)

image imageimage image image image

Mixed (Attack and Sp. Defense / Sp. Attack and Sp. Defence / Either one

image image image image image

There are also these Pokémon that I couldn't find sprites for:

  • Mega Altaria (Mixed)
  • Mega Diancie (Mixed)
  • Mega Metagross (Physical)
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Gliscor can do decent damage ;-;
I guess... but his most common set is Toxic / Roost / Protect / Earthquake. But I've seen offensive sets.
Yeah. I just meant it's not like he can't do squat for damage, even on wall sets.
I guess you have a point.