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All my friends say they prefer Sp.Atk because they can't get cut by will-o-wisp but There are better physical moves suck as outrage knock off Earthquake Drain punch and the elemental punches rather then physhock and ice beam but I still don't know what to use I normally use 1 mixed 1 physical and 1 special but should I change it to 1 mixed and 2 special or vise versa

What pokemon is this?
Whatever is necessary, just make sure your team is balanced  between the two. It wouldn't be an easy battle with all having all physical attackers versus a Hippowdon.

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It totally depends. If you feel that your opponents mostly use Physically defensive Pokemon, use Physical sweepers.

Or, if they tend to use physically based ones, use a Special Pokemon.

Mostly though, when it comes to sweepers, Mixed Pokemon are preferred, such as Infernape, Salamence, Lucario and so forth.

Or else, you could use a Tank, like Blastoise or Hippowdown, or even a Wall like Lugia (if you can get that), or Amoongus, and so on.

tl;dr Go Mixed. Mixed sweepers generally have better coverage and get the job done. Only downside is that most of them are frail.