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My Jumpluff knows:

  • Bounce
  • Leech Seed
  • Toxic

My strategy is to use Leech Seed then Toxic and then use Bounce over and over again.
I'm not quite sure how Protect would fit in, but it is a good staller.
Giga Drain would fit in when my HP is low, but than again, I have Leech Seed.

So, which one?

best annoyer set ever.+1
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I would actually argue for BOTH
Why? You're right Giga drain gives you a good method of recovery. However protect also allows you to gain free leech seed recovery. This is probably why you run bounce, but bounce is very predictable, and as such wont deal much damage. Here's a set to try
Jump luff: leftovers/big root
Giga drain
Leech seed

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Protect doesn't really fit in, I agree so I think that you should teach it Giga Drain. It is effective against water and ground so yeah. I would choose GD over Protect. Protect just stalls but doesn't really stop a powerful move and also Giga Drain helps to heal and damage at the same time.

Hope this helped!! :)

BUT if theyre using outrage or petal dance they get confused and use it on selfdestrust and explosion so it will faint a tough pokemon
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If I were you I would teach it protect. Isn't the whole point of the moveset to toxic the enemy to death? If you teach it protect, and use bounce then protect, you would be invincible for two turns, the the opponent would be hurt by toxic for two turns, and you would be healed by leech seed for two turns. Twice the awesomeness!!!

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