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I am in Humilau City in Pokemon Black 2 version, and I have over 10 yellow shards. I want to use them to teach my Eelektross either Giga Drain or Drain Punch. His attack stat and special attack stat are the same. I am planning for his three other moves to be Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Aqua Tail/Signal Beam/Rock Slide (before the Elite Four, anyway. Which one of these three should he have?). So should I teach him Giga Drain or Drain Punch?


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I would go for Drain Punch for a couple reasons.

A) You have two already powerful special attacks.
B) It hits Dark types really hard which is nice for dealing with Ghetsis's Hydreigon, Grimsley, and Iris's Hydreigon.

For that fourth move I suggest Aqua Tail which allows you to hit ground types.

With the four moves, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt, the only two Pokemon you aren't hitting are Giratina and the Lati twins, which you won't be seeing used in-game by anyone other then you.

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Thanks a lot!
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Teach it Drain Punch it will help you a lot against Grimsley the dark E4


Ok thanks, I will wait to see what a couple of other people might say though.
Just put my opinion down ;)
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Giga Drain is your man :D
Himilau city's gym leader leads a Water-Type gym, so Giga Drain will do you much better good. You can always switch it for Drain Punch later to help you with Grimsley.

But Eelektross is already an electric type, and he knows Thunderbolt, which will work just fine. I also have a Galvantula.