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If a Pokemon can learn a move via TM, it can be learn by breeding?

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I breed my female dragonite with a gyarados and I got a dratini with dragon dance and rain dance, I check in the pokedex and rain dance wasnt an egg move for dratini, dragonair, or dragonite, so if it is possible, I can breed a dratini with earthquake and dragon claw?

Im playing LeafGreen, thnx in advance...

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Yes, as long as it is the male to pass it down and can learn the TM as well.

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Yes. Since Dragonite can learn earthquake and dragon claw, you need to make it learn these moves to get a Dratini.On the other side, Gyarados learns rain dance and Dragonite can learn dragon dance. So, you'll get a Dratini that will learn dragon dance, rain dance, earthquake, and dragon claw.

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