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I find this weird since it is usually the other way around...
Ampharos Dex

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To make it more challenging to get a move onto him it the simplest explanation, Gamefreak most likely just wanted it to be a bit more of a Challenge to get Reflect onto your Ampharos.

I assure its not a glitch in the site, As Serebii says it also.

But in complete, Its just how it is,

Gamefreak Made it that way :]

Yeah, I knew it wasn't a glitch, because I tried to teach him both :) And that's how you do it people! UpVote AND Best Answer :)
As of Generation V though, Cotton Guard would be a much more effective move on Ampharos' part.  Brick Break or the Ability Infiltrator can negate or bypass the effects of Reflect.  Good question though, I was wondering as well!