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i went to Join avenue to give my umbreon a hair cut, when I got there all of them were sold out ( havent visited join av for like 3 days ) and so I want to the flourest where I dont ever go, and they were all out too, all of my shops in join avenue were out of everything, I couldnt find one thing that I could buy. My time and date on my 3ds is all correct, I dont know what is wrong. do I need to do something???.

That happened with me too!

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You have the Join Avenue glitch. Just let your game sit in the DS for a couple days, and it should be fine.

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well this sux! :( i normaly give my pkn hair cuts, and now i cant :'(
To comment on Mewderator's comment, can I ask what does 'took 5-10 steps down Route 4 before entering Join Avenue' mean?
aah..it sort of means u just taking 5-10 steps down route 4 and then flying there because u were lazy,i guess.oh,and HI SKITTY!i missed u so much!
hi candy.is it true?
Yes, they did get married!