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It has a Thick Club (yay), so it's attack stat will pass 200 at lv. 50. The moves it has are:

Fling- is this worth it? thick club's base damage is 90.

Thrash- strong.

Bonemerang- pretty much earthquake, STAB, and a must-have signature move. And it hit's twice, so gets more critical hits.

Endeavor- useful in dire situations.

These are what it has.

But I'm REALLY considering Fire Punch.

Should I replace one or two of these? If so, with what?

As I said before, work off the moves I have right now, don't just suggest 4 moves. I'm keeping Bonemerang

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Fling is not worth it at all in non-wi-fi battles you lose your item so choose fire punch instead to cover grass and ice. Thunder punch should replace endeaver becuase marowak needs a defense against water and flying which resists his stab. I still think that earthquake is a better choice becuase of that extra accuracy but other wise bonemerang is a good choice. as a third move swords dance is a must swords dance+thick club+stab+earthquake/bonemerang=KO.

It is battle tower though, I would never risk losing a thick club!
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Fling is the move I hate its so stupid. I recommend

(Thunder Punch) for Flying and Water. Ground moves don't

effect Flying but Flying is weak to Electric. And Water

because Ground is weak to Water.Am I wrong?